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Complete modern flexible paint line from surface prep, pinhole filler, primer, color and clear.  Works equally well on metal, composite and fabric surfaces.

Loehle Wonder-Fil - The SOLUTION to pinholes.  Quick wipe-on/wait 15 minutes/wipe-off application for fiberglass, carbon fiber, fabric and wood.  Disappears into the next sprayed layer.

Loehle Black and White Filler/UV Blockers - Our primers save a tremendous amount of time in the "homework" stage of getting a surface totally smooth and ready for color.

Loehle Color Top Coat - Available in just about any color desired, with extra flex and UV protection.

Loehle Clear Top Coat - Provides even more flex and UV protection, and encapsulates your masterpiece to protect it for years to come.




5151 Mustang 5151 Mustang
P-40 in Clouds P-40 Flying Tiger
KW-909 KW-909
Spitfire Spitfire (Prototype Stage)
Sport Parasol Sport Parasol
Fokker D-VII Fokker D-VII
SE5a SE5a


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We have 37 years experience in painting many kinds of aircraft and our goal is to provide you with an excellent paint system for your aircraft (or other interesting projects such as carbon fiber parts, show cars, etc.).  We can help you with the paint phase -- from surface preparation through the final beautiful clear protective layer.  Our paint works equally well on metal, composite and fabric covered surfaces, which allows you to keep working in the same chemical family for the whole project.


Our Wonder-Fil is THE SOLUTION for those annoying pinholes.  Wipe it on - wait 15 minutes - wipe off the excess.  That's it!  Pinholes disappear into whatever you spray next (primer, color or clear).


Our Filler/UV Blockers are high build, high mil thickness primers that allow you to put the primer on thick enough to get the sanding and smoothing work done before you're back down into fibers or bare metal.  Our Black Filler/UV Blocker goes on shiny but becomes a dull finish as you sand, which easily reveals any blemishes or low spots because those areas are still shiny.  The next layer is our White Filler/UV Blocker that also goes on thick to allow the smoothing job to get done before the color is ever opened.  This bright white primer provides an excellent canvas so any color will be vivid and true.  


We can provide just about any color you might desire.  We're best known for our extreme "wet-look" gloss shine (but can also provide flat or semi-gloss if the need arises).


Then we go one step further to layer all that in a layer of crystal clear that encapsulates any decals/artwork to protect it from UV, and adds extra flexibility to help keep them from drying out.  This layer of clear also allows buffing to a "dripping wet" gorgeous award winning shine.



Loehle Aero Coating Paint Products Loehle Aero Coatings

What all this does for you is gives you the best possible chance to have a great looking paint job ....even if you're a beginner painter. Experienced painters love our products....with a quick fix for pinholes, thick primers that dry fast and sand easily, about any color a customer might desire, plus a deep glossy clear to put that "finishing touch" on a project.


Give Sandy Loehle a call or send her an email so she can help you with a quote for your particular aircraft (or whatever project you need to paint).

Loehle Paint Steps Panel Loehle Paint Steps Panel - Fabric Covered Surface

Price Increase February 7, 2014 - Loehle Aero Coatings

Costs are being reviewed and prices will be going up on Loehle Aero Coatings on February 7, 2014.  If you're thinking about ordering materials, it would be prudent to get your order in by February 6 to beat the price increase.

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