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Complete modern flexible paint line from surface prep, pinhole filler, primer, color and clear.  Works equally well on metal, composite and fabric surfaces.

Loehle Wonder-Fil - The SOLUTION to pinholes.  Quick wipe-on/wait 15 minutes/wipe-off application for fiberglass, carbon fiber, fabric and wood.  Disappears into the next sprayed layer.

Loehle Black and White Filler/UV Blockers - Our primers save a tremendous amount of time in the "homework" stage of getting a surface totally smooth and ready for color.

Loehle Color Top Coat - Available in just about any color desired, with extra flex and UV protection.

Loehle Clear Top Coat - Provides even more flex and UV protection, and encapsulates your masterpiece to protect it for years to come.




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P-40 in Clouds P-40 Flying Tiger
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Spitfire Spitfire (Prototype Stage)
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Filler/UV Blockers (Excellent Primers!)

Our Filler/UV Blockers come in Black and White.  There are several good reasons for that....


On composites, the Black Filler/UV Blocker is sprayed on after applying Wonder-Fil.  It goes on shiny black and dries quickly so you can move on to the sanding stage.  As you start to sand, you'll notice the shiny turns to a dull finish -- it has it's own guide coat built in so you can see exactly where you've worked.  You'll soon realize that any blemishes or low spots draw your attention because they are still shiny.  This helps you know what areas to focus on as you continue to work toward a completely smooth finish.  This is where you do your "homework", and our Black Filler/UV Blocker lets you do this easily and quickly.


For coarse weave surfaces, you will spray 2 coats of Black Filler/UV Blocker on before you start to sand.  These high build, high mil thickness layers let you sand without getting back down into the fibers (which you really want to avoid).


Next, spray on a coat of White Filler/UV Blocker.  This is the same primer, just a different color.  White is the best backdrop to allow any color you choose to come through vivid and true....kind of like a bright clean canvas.  You'll notice this is a very bright shiny white, and will also dull as you sand so you can see where you've already sanded.  (For some who want to fly awhile in primer before applying the colors, this allows you to look good flying in a beautiful bright white instead of varying shades of ugly gray primer.)


These Filler/UV Blockers are thick, cover very well, and yet still dry quickly.  They sand amazingly well, whether you sand by hand or use an orbital sander.  We have a Lancair builder assist center customer who said we have saved them 2/3 of the time it typically takes to take a Lancair from factory kit up thru the primer stage!  We questioned whether he meant we saved him 1/3...he reconfirmed it was 2/3 of the time!  He said he would be turning down customers who would not allow him to use our primers!


On metal surfaces, you simply start with the White Filler/UV Blocker primer (skip the Black step).  So you can have all surfaces in the same chemical family...

Both Black and White Filler/UV Blocker is used on fabric covered surfaces as well.  Our Loehle Aero Coatings system includes the fabric covering process from start to finish -- including three weights of fabric and also the fabric cement.  Once the fabric is properly shrunk over the surface (see our fabric covering manual), you'll brush on a coat of thinnned down layer of Black Filler/UV Blocker.  Then spray on one coat of Black Filler/UV Blocker.  You have just passed the 60 watt light bulb test!  No more need for layer after layer of silver as in older systems - just one brush coat, one spray coat.  You can now sand to eliminate rough areas, smooth surface tape edges, etc.  Since it is sprays on shiny black, it's easy to see where you're working as it becomes a dull finish as you sand.  The high build, high mil thickness primer allows you to sand and smooth without getting back down into the fabric fibers.  The black gives you another benefit...if you see white while sanding....STOP....you're down to the fabric layer.


As with the composite parts, next spray a coat of our White Filler/UV Blocker.  Get the surface totally smooth now....before you move on to the next step -- the colors of your choice.

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