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Complete modern flexible paint line from surface prep, pinhole filler, primer, color and clear.  Works equally well on metal, composite and fabric surfaces.

Loehle Wonder-Fil - The SOLUTION to pinholes.  Quick wipe-on/wait 15 minutes/wipe-off application for fiberglass, carbon fiber, fabric and wood.  Disappears into the next sprayed layer.

Loehle Black and White Filler/UV Blockers - Our primers save a tremendous amount of time in the "homework" stage of getting a surface totally smooth and ready for color.

Loehle Color Top Coat - Available in just about any color desired, with extra flex and UV protection.

Loehle Clear Top Coat - Provides even more flex and UV protection, and encapsulates your masterpiece to protect it for years to come.




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Wonder-Fil Pinhole Filler

Our Wonder-Fil is THE SOLUTION to those time consuming, annoying pinholes.  It is a wipe on/wait 15 minutes/wipe off the excess process.  Wonder-Fil shows up in as off-white specks everywhere there are pinholes, and then disappears when the next layer is sprayed on -- whether primer, color or clear.


This makes it perfect for fiberglass and carbon fiber parts!  Even carbon fiber parts where the weave needs to show through in the clear smooth finish...Wonder-Fil disappears into the clear.  It also works equally well on wooden and fabric surfaces.


We find that for most metal aircraft with some composite parts (say an average size composite cowling, wheels pants, and wing tips) that a pint is sufficient.  We recommend a quart for a little more composite surface area (like an RV-10).  For an all carbon fiber aircraft like a Lancair or Glasair, a lot of filling of weave is done with our Black and White Filler/UV Blocker, and then a quart of Wonder-Fil is usually sufficient.  Other users (body shops, bicycle part manufacturers, carbon fiber canoe paddle makers, carbon fiber hood/dashes designers, race car helmet manufacturers, etc.), choose to keep a larger supply on hand because Wonder-Fil saves them so much time and effort.  Give us a call or send an email to paint@loehle for help with your particular needs.

Wonder-Fil Pinhole Filler - Gallons, Quarts, Pints Loehle Wonder-Fil - Comes in Gallons, Quarts and Pints

Basic instructions for composites:


Once the part is fitted, cleaned thoroughly with our two-step cleaning method and is ready to paint, then you're ready to eliminate the pinhole problem.  Apply Wonder-Fil with a soft cloth or paper towel in a circular motion over small areas at a time.  You'll start to see tiny off-white colored specks --- everywhere there is a pinhole.  You can start to realize how many pinholes you would have been plagued with in later painting stages by the number of off-white specks (usually far more than you can easily see).  When you have applied Wonder-Fil to the whole area, set it aside for 10 to 15 minutes (or overnight if you plan to use a water-based paint system next).  You'll see it start to glaze.  Now simply wipe off the excess with a clean soft cloth or paper towel.  That's it!  Pinholes are filled and Wonder-Fil will become a part of whatever you spray on next.

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