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Complete modern flexible paint line from surface prep, pinhole filler, primer, color and clear.  Works equally well on metal, composite and fabric surfaces.

Loehle Wonder-Fil - The SOLUTION to pinholes.  Quick wipe-on/wait 15 minutes/wipe-off application for fiberglass, carbon fiber, fabric and wood.  Disappears into the next sprayed layer.

Loehle Black and White Filler/UV Blockers - Our primers save a tremendous amount of time in the "homework" stage of getting a surface totally smooth and ready for color.

Loehle Color Top Coat - Available in just about any color desired, with extra flex and UV protection.

Loehle Clear Top Coat - Provides even more flex and UV protection, and encapsulates your masterpiece to protect it for years to come.




5151 Mustang 5151 Mustang
P-40 in Clouds P-40 Flying Tiger
KW-909 KW-909
Spitfire Spitfire (Prototype Stage)
Sport Parasol Sport Parasol
Fokker D-VII Fokker D-VII
SE5a SE5a


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KW-909 Brochure KW-909 Specifications
KW-909 Desert Camo - Jim Young KW-909 in Desert Camouflage Paint Scheme

The KW-909 look is a blend of the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 designed by Kurt Tank and the Messerschmidt Me 109 designed by Willy Messerschmidt in Germany in the 1930's.  Both designs served as fighter aircraft during WWII.


Built much like the 5151 Mustang and the P-40, the parts in the KW-909 come prefabricated and numbered.  That means pretty much all the wood and metal parts are cut for you already...and you just have to epoxy them together in the proper order.  We've taken care of the German fighter look if you take care of following directions, which come in the form of large blueprint drawings with lots of details, along with a Packing List manual interspersed with further instructions and sketches.  You'll work with Drawings 1, 2 and 3 initially, and then move forward completing the tasks on each drawing before moving to the next one.


The parts are numbered logically so when you pick up a part, you'll know about where it goes in the aircraft.  In the fuselage, Station #0 is located at the nose of the airplane, moving back towards the tail to Station #235 in approximate inches.  So if you pick up a part number #66A, for instance, you'll know that it will be placed somewhere about 66" back from the nose.  The fuselage parts do not have a prefix before the number, so it's easy to set those aside as fuselage parts.  Other sections of the aircraft have numbers that are prefixed with a letter indicating where they go.  For example, a part with a C prefix is a canopy part, W is a wing part, R is a rudder part, and so on.  Your first task is to inventory all the parts and become familiar with the part names and numbering system.  Then you can set aside all but the fuselage parts, which is where you'll start to work.


The Packing List is divided into sections of the aircraft to make it easier to inventory and work with the parts required in each area.  In addition, the hardware is bagged per aircraft section instead of in one big lump which further helps you become familiar with exactly what you're working with at that time.  It's like eating an elephant...you know how it goes...one bite at a time.

 T-88 Epoxy is the preferred adhesive for building Loehle wood kits, including the KW-909.  Mix it in small amounts at a time in a 3 ounce paper Dixie cup (the kind without wax inside) with equal amounts of the clear (Part A) and dark (Part B).  We just squirt dark half way around the cup bottom and then clear half way around the other side of the cup bottom...makes it quick and easy to get equal portions. Popsicle sticks make great epoxy stirrers/applicators.  You will want to mix just enough for the area where you are working, since you'll only have about 20 minutes to get the parts in place and clamped.  The chemical reaction starts making the cup too hot to hold at that point.  It takes about 5 quarts total for the KW-909.  The kit comes with 1 quart (1 pint of clear, 1 pint of dark) to get you started and you can order more initially or along the way).

The Coveted Front Cover...

KW-909 Sport Aviation Cover - Aug 2002 KW-909 on Sport Aviation Cover - August 2002

Meet Jim Young...

Jim Young played an instrumental part in the design of the KW-909.  He did research and brought ideas to the discussion table with Carl and Mike Loehle.  He wanted a Loehle plane...but just different from the others.  Even though most of his ideas only involved cosmetic changes, he was careful to make sure there would be no complications and got Carl and Mike's design approval before doing the work.  He even came up with the name KW-909 - named after Kurt Tank and Willy Messerschmidt.


Jim's meticulous workmanship soon found favor in the picky quality conscious environment at Loehle Aircraft.  His wood and metal work is outstanding, and the covering/painting of his KW-909 is fantastic!  Jim is about as finicky as Carl and Mike....and that's saying a lot!  Jim put fabric on his first aircraft at age 15....so has 50 years experience in fabric covering and painting.  He has given Loehle Aero Coatings the "thumbs up" for how easy it is to work with to get that superior smooth, glossy finish.  In fact, he has taken in several covering/painting jobs for various kinds of general aviation aircraft and sailplanes since the introduction of Loehle Aero Coatings because it takes so much less time to get the job done, and get it done right. 


Jim is open to discussing his KW-909 project, as well as doing fabric covering/painting work in the Gainesboro, TN area.  His email address is N909KW@twlakes.net.

KW-909 Jim Young Open Spark Plug Door KW-909 Jim Young on Flight to Oshkosh
KW-909 Spinner Swirl Jim Young Doing Preflight KW-909 Spinner Swirl - Jim Young Preflighting
KW-909 Closeup Right Front Desert Camo KW-909 Desert Camouflage
KW-909 Desert Camo Detail KW-909 Desert Camo Detail
KW-909 on Compass Rose KW-909 on Compass Rose
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